Project Wee Care Financial Support

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Adopt to Shop

North Pole rolling presentation will include you, other Corporate Partners, supporting non profits, welcome to families, some holiday trivia, messages of Hope, and information about Millard Business Community Foundation.  It will run during Project Wee Care September Kickoff, the North Pole setup and Intake of Gifts from supporters (December 2-7) and North Pole Distribution Day when families come in for the family event and leave with food, gifts, new support connections, and HOPE (December 9)

We Buy 10, You Donate 10. Restaurants, family outings, sporting events, movie theatres and other such businesses can help by providing matching donations.  For example, Project Wee Care buys Ten $25 gift cards and your business donates Ten $25 gift cards.  These are parent/guardian/family gifts for the entire family to enjoy that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do.  Listed on North Pole rolling presentation.