Project Wee Care

Providing Hope to 300 plus nominated families thru food, gifts and a family event during the holidays.

Project Wee Care envisions a North Pole Distribution Day December 9 where 300 nominated families will enjoy a family event featuring Santa, support animals, crafts, kids picking gifts for parents, and connections to needed services for food, diapers, clothing, beds and mental health.  Families will leave with food, gifts for all family members, diapers, new connections and HOPE.

Since 2006 when the Millard Business Association adopted this project, over 17,600 total family members have been served.

An organizing committee works year round to prepare for the project that concludes December 9 with the North Pole Distribution Day. Waters Edge Church, 19600 Harrison, is hosting the North Pole this year. Individuals, civic organizations, Churches, and businesses adopt families to shop for gifts or provide financial support for gifts, food vouchers and food vouchers.

Project Wee Care committee works with the Millard Public Schools to identify deserving families needing support for the holidays.

In 2022, 237 families, 631 children and 443 adults were served. 

Goals in 2023 include providing Hope to 300 families and expanding our volunteer and support base.

North Pole Sponsors Hy Vee and Oberhauser Real Estate Team

Winter Wonderland Sponsor Runza

YOU Can Help!